Thursday, August 26, 2010

America is a Sick Society

America is a sick society. The condition is not improving it is getting worse. You must take charge of your health. You must realize that medical doctors are educated to treat disease not to prevent disease. Treatment requires drugs. All drugs have side effects. I believe in prevention. It is predicted that diabetic cost alone will bankrupt the healthcare system in the next 10 years. Look at all the other diseases that are affecting your health. We must clean up our eating habits plus we must take supplements to replace the vital nutrients necessary for good health. As for myself I have prevented heart disease for 40 years. As most of you know that I come from a long history of heart disease. My grandfather died at 49, dad died at 59. All of dads brothers died fairly young all of these died from heart disease. I have now reached 74. For over 40 years I have done what I am talking to you about. As for the supplements I had to develop the program we have in ForYou. I have managed to reach my age without drugs. While I was writing this email I received a phone call from an 18 year old girl who has been having heart palpitations for several years with pain in chest. Now she is experiencing painful inflammation in her ribs. Plus she has developed cyst in her breast. This is a sad commentary in America where we spend more on medical treatment than anywhere in the world. I also received a call from a 60 year old person just this week who had been taking our program for years (every day). She had a colonoscopy and her husband had one the next day from the same doctor. They were called in for the results. The doctor wanted to know what in the world had they been doing. He said they had the colon of a 16 year old. He insisted on them telling him exactly what they had been doing. They proceeded to telling him they had been on ForYou products and taking our Colon Care. He then went online to our website and his reply was these are some serious products and he is very interested in these products.

Stop playing with your health get serious about.

Did you know that the average teenager drinks 500 cans of soft drinks per year? Obesity is an epidemic and is destroying our young people. Corn sweeteners which is high fructose is a big cause of obesity.

This is a wake up call to America.

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